Another hot guy wearing headphones; another beautiful day on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

I think the guy in this morning’s photo post is mucho sexy. What do you think? No, I have no idea what he’s up to, sitting on the floor and holding onto some sort of black drapery or whatever that is. Who cares? He could walk around my place with his shirt off all week long. I sure wouldn’t complain.

My boyfriend and rose early this morning, to walk on the beach and enjoy this beautiful morning. It’s about 66 degrees outdoors, sunny and still. Lots of people walked the shore, enjoying the nice weather, and lots of seabirds flocked on the sand, looking for breakfast. The Gulf was calm as glass. Now we’re home, having breakfast. I’ll spend my morning writing. Then we’ll visit the YMCA for our usual workout routine.

My boyfriend has the day off from work (Yippee), so we’ll have the entire day to ourselves. We’re going to try fishing again tonight, at the seawall near our home. Maybe we’ll have better luck than last night. One thing’s for certain, it’ll be a pretty night, with another large moon and no wind.

Have a nice Monday, everyone.

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