One more post tonight. Did you see “Billy Elliot”?

Hi, friends and readers:

You saw the film, Billy Elliot, didn’t you? Every gay man should. The main character is not gay, but he likes performing in ballet. His best friend, Michael, is secretly a cross-dresser. That’s Michael in tonight’s video post. In the scene I’ve posted, Michael’s waiting for Billy to come home from ballet practice, if I recall the plot correctly. Study the video carefully: see the two doors? Both boys will escape their childhood prisons through them.

Now, if you’re a gay man or boy, you know what it’s like to wait around for your best friend, who is straight, to come home and spend time with you. It’s frustrating, falling in love with a straight guy. But you can’t help it. You spend a lot of time … waiting.

If you have not seen Billy Elliot, please do so. The film makes an important point: it’s okay to be different. You must follow your dreams, even if they conflict with your family’s customs and your friends’ standards.

It’s your life, right?

Good night, my friends.

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