The Red Speedo Jogger returns; chilly night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Before WordPress “murdered” my blog, I once posted a series of photos — the five guys most popular with readers during my blog’s three-year existence. The “Blue Speedo Boy” in my sidebar came in first, but “The Red Speedo Jogger” came in a close second.

Thankfully, I’ve found many of my readers’ favorite photos. Tonight’s offering was among those. His swimsuit has a Stanford logo on it; I thought the photo was taken in the San Francisco Bay area. But a reader wrote me to say the photo was taken in Seattle, on a bridge spanning Puget Sound.

I’m not sure why The Red Speedo Jogger captures the imagination of so many folks. I believe it’s his lanky physique, and perhaps the curious expression on his face. Or is it his loose and flopping shoelace?

He seems to be thinking, “Why is that man taking a photo of me?”

Indeed ….

My boyfriend’s working tonight and I’m home alone, again. Outside, it’s cold. The temperature will drop into the high 40s tonight, a rarity for central Florida. I’ll work on restoring my old postings, and make myself a nice little dinner. Maybe I’ll light the fireplace, too.

Have a nice Friday night, everyone.

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