Is your boyfriend waiting for you in the bedroom? Pretty morning on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Where’s your boyfriend right now? You don’t know? Visit the bedroom. It’s quite possible he’s waiting in there for you. Notice the look on his face? He wants something, doesn’t he? Something like … sex. 

It’s important to tend to your boyfriend’s needs, especially when it comes to sex. He needs to spend intimate time with you, every day; it’s important. So, get off that sofa and head for the bedroom. If he’s not in there, call him to you. You’ll both be glad you did, I guarantee it.

I’m back from my morning walk on the beach. It’s perfect outside: sixty degrees F, sunny and still. The Gulf is calm and seabirds are lining the shore. I saw a dolphin chasing a pod of fish while I walked. What a great way to start a winter day.

In a few minutes, I’ll start a painting project I’ve been putting off for the longest time. It’s not a major project, but it needs done, and will likely take a few hours to complete. This afternoon, and friend and I will watch the Green Bay Packers play the New York Giants. I’ll prepare dinner for my friend and for my boyfriend. He’s at work right now, but he’ll be home in time to dine with us.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.


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