Cute boy blindfolded; Martin’s story, “Dream Boy” …

Hi, friends and readers:

What do you think of tonight’s photo post. I’ve never seen anyone blindfolded with analog camera film. Is there a message there?

Seeing the blindfold reminds me of my story, Dream Boy. It appears in my anthology, Flawed Boys, published by the Noble Romance Publishing house. Here’s the blurb for Dream Boy. 

In Dream Boy, Keith Reinhardt, a loner in his mid-thirties, finds himself involved with Riley Davenport, a community college student who can’t perform in bed. When Riley explains why, Keith is more than disturbed. Can Keith handle Riley’s psychological issues? Can Riley overcome his fear of intimacy?

A blindfold plays a critical part in my story. Dream Boy deals with the emotional fallout people deal with when they’ve been the victim of sexual abuse as children. I know that sounds like a depressing subject, but the story’s one people have connected with.

Okay, I must prepare dinner for myself and my lovely boyfriend. So, I’ll wish all of you a fine Thursday evening.

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