Beautiful blond guy and a chain link fence; fifth installment of “Who Shall I Tell?”

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you like this morning’s photo post as much as I do? He’s so handsome; he has such beautiful hair . His body’s not too skinny, not too beefy. Just right. (I’m not sure why the photographer chose the chain link fence as a photo prop, but whatever ….)

Lats night’s dinner party was fun. The food and wine were great, the company, too. After we dined, we visited our friends’ time-share condo for a soak in the hot tub. Since the air was pretty cool — around sixty degrees F — the warm water and bubbles felt delicious. What a nice way to start the weekend.

This morning, my boyfriend joined me for my morning walk on the shore. Today’s another nice day: sunny, cool and still. There’s a street festival on the island tonight, but we won’t attend. We’re visiting our local greyhound track for a nice buffet dinner and a bit of wagering on the doggies. The food’s always good, so even if we don’t win any money, it’s fun.

Right now, it’s time to get to work on my never-ending project: edits on my novel, Dodging a Pearl, now 106,000 words in length. That’s at 350-page book. I’m about 75% done with the edits, so I’m getting there. Maybe I’ll finish by the end of February.

Okay, here’s the fifth installment of my short story, Who Shall I Tell? As always, it comes with a caveat:

This story is not for the squeamish, nor for those under eighteen years of age. It contains graphic descriptions of a sexual encounter between two males. It also contains elements of BDSM. If this sort of material offends you, don’t read Who Shall I Tell?  

* * * *

Copyright 2009 Martin Delacroix

Jake grinned. “With pleasure, buddy.” He brought his mouth to Adam’s. Their lips parted and Jake’s tongue explored Adam’s mouth, rubbing against Adam’s tongue while their chin stubbles rasped. Adam’s heart thumped when his chest met Jake’s and he felt Jake’s body heat. He smelled Jake’s skin — scents of sweat and soap. Jake stroked Adam’s temple and toyed with his ear while the two men kissed and their lips smacked.

Kissing Jake’s not like kissing Diedre, Adam thought. She’s delicate, like a flower. Jake’s more like an animal, one with the power to overwhelm me.

Jake changed position and brought his mouth to Adam’s chest; he sucked one nipple while he pinched the other, drawing a groan from Adam.

“You like that?” Jake asked.

“M-m-m… h-m-m-m.”

Jake switched nipples; he sucked and pinched while Adam’s chest rose and fell and his breath whistled in his nose. Down below, Adam felt Jake’s erection nudge his thigh. How big was it? When would Jake allow him to touch it?

Jake seized Adam’s wrists and pinned them on either side of Adam’s head, in the pillows. Then he lay atop Adam. Their hipbones met, their erections rubbed. Jake went to work on Adam’s armpits; he sniffed their musky scent, licking and nibbling the dark hairs, and making Adam squirm. Jake stuck the tip of his tongue in Adam’s ear and twirled it about while Adam’s belly fluttered.

Adam thought Jake’s hair smelled like freshly mown grass.

Jake rolled off Adam and rose to a sitting position on the mattress.  Tossing aside the covers, he reached for the waistband of Adam’s boxers. Then he looked at Adam with his eyebrows arched.

“Can  I?”

Adam nodded; he blushed while Jake dragged the boxers to Adam’s ankles. Jake pulled them over Adam’s big feet and tossed them into a corner. Adam’s cock — rigid as PVC pipe — lay against his belly, twitching with his pulse. Jake reached for Adam’s cock; he seized it in his fingers and retracted the foreskin, baring the bullet-shaped glans. Jake teased the glans with his thumb, and a drop of pre-come oozed from the slit.

Adam lowered his gaze. His mouth went dry when he saw Jake’s circumcised cock poking through the opening of his boxer shorts. Long and thick as a cucumber, the head looked like a stick shift knob. Adam touched it with a fingertip and Jake’s cock jerked like a nervous cat’s tail.

“Your cock’s a whopper,” Adam whispered. “Did you ever . . . ?”


“Fuck your boyfriend with it?”

Jake looked at Adam and grinned. “All the time.”

Adam made a face. “Ouch,” he said.

Jake chuckled. “It doesn’t hurt if it’s done right. You’ll see.”

Adam arched his eyebrows. “Will I?”

Jake said, “Sure, why not?” He raised his hips and slid his boxers down his legs, then over his feet. His cock bobbed as he moved. Adam couldn’t keep his eyes off it.

What a monster. What a beautiful thing it is.

Adam liked the way lamplight reflected in Jake’s marmalade pubic bush.

Jake gave Adam a lesson in cocksucking. Adam sat on the edge of the bed. Jake knelt between Adam’s thighs, he peeled back Adam’s foreskin. Taking Adam’s cock into his mouth, Jake applied pressure with his tongue and lips while bobbing his head. Adam’s heart chugged. His hand resting on the back of Jake’s neck. How warm and soft Jake’s mouth felt. How sensual.

They traded places. Adam’s mouth watered when he lowered his face to Jake’s groin. Jake guided his swollen cock between Adam’s lips, stretching them open. Adam went cross-eyed while he tasted cock for the first time; he almost gagged when the bulbous head of Jake’s cock nudged the back of his throat. Adam buried his nose in Jake’s pubic hair, he smelled Jake’s groin sweat, a gamy aroma Adam found stimulating.

“Keep your teeth covered with your lips,” Jake said. “Work the underside of my cock with your tongue, and bob your head. Yes, like that . . . .”

Adam’s pulse raced while he sucked and slurped. He thought, Unbelievable. Jake’s cock is in my mouth, all of it. How strange that Diedre doesn’t like doing this. I could blow Jake for hours.

Jake lay a hand on the crown of Adam’s head; he sifted his fingers through Adam’s dark hair. “Keep it up,” he told Adam. “It feels great.”

Adam’s lips smacked in the otherwise silent room; his breath huffed as he worked, until Jake seized a handful of Adam’s hair and halted the action.

Jake removed his cock from Adam’s mouth.

“Lick my nuts,” Jake whispered. “One at a time.”

Jake’s sac was shaved. The skin was smooth as a grape’s; it tasted salty to Adam as he bathed it with his tongue. The sound of his slurping made his pulse race. His hands resting on Jake’s firm and hairless thighs. Adam took one testicle in his mouth and rolled it about his tongue, drawing a sigh from Jake. Then he moved to the other. Jake’s balls were as big as walnuts.

“Adam’s oral worship of Jake’s genitals had Adam’s heart pounding, his cock leaking pre-come. How good it felt to service Jake, to submit to his will.

Adam thought of the intern’s paddle Diedre owned. What if Jake were to use it on Adam’s behind? The paddle created a hot, stinging sensation. It might add spice to their lovemaking. A vision of Jake wielding the paddle entered Adam’s head. His cock leaked anew.

“Enough,” Jake whispered. He pushed Adam’s forehead away from his groin. Then he looked down at Adam’s lips and chin. They shone with Adam’s spit.

Adams chest heaved while he caught his breath. Looking up at Jake, he raised his eyebrows.

“What now?”

* * * *

Okay, readers, that’s all for now. Have a nice Saturday.

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