Sexy video: hot guys going at it …

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you like this evening’s video. I like the way the guy on the left looks with his ball cap turned backward. On some guys, it’s very sexy. Plus, that visor would get in the way of what he’s up to, right? How long do you think his boyfriend’s ducky underwear will stay on? Ten minutes, perhaps?

It’s been a nice day. I got plenty of work done on my novel, Dodging a Pearl. Our trip to the YMCA was great; we both got our own lap lanes in the pool. We hit the supermarket to stock the fridge. Then we came home for a little “private” time. (O-h-h-h, yeah …) In a half-hour, we’ll drive into town to spend the evening with friends. We’ll drink beer, swap stories, and talk politics. Then we’ll dine in a restaurant we can all agree on. Nice, eh?

It’s a beautiful evening, here in Florida. I hope it’s nice where you are, too.


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