Another sexy video; my boyfriend’s happily drunk …

Hi, friends and readers:

I like this little video clip. The guys are hyper-masculine, which is a refreshing change from the shaven twinks and drugged-out Russian boys one often sees in porn. These two guys look pretty all-American to me. What do you think? Would you kiss either of them? I sure would. I sort of like the guy in the ball cap best, but I’d go for either with no problem. How about you?

My boyfriend’s home from Gasparilla. He’s just a little drunk. While he’s napping, I’ll fix a simple dinner for us. Poor boy. I’m afraid he ingested too much alcohol and sunshine, and that’s not a crime. It’s expected at Gasparilla.

Me? I had a productive day. I restored a few month’s worth of posts on this site, inserting the photos I lost when Word Press murdered my old blog. It takes time, but each day I restore more months. Today, I worked on posts from my summer in Berlin, back in 2009. Pay a visit to them. I’d forgotten how much fun I had that summer. Berlin’s a great city if you’re a gay man.

I rode my bike 15 miles this afternoon. My ride was frustrating. The weather was calm all morning. Then, just as I prepared to leave, someone turned on the wind machine. It blew steadily from the northwest, about 12 MPH. Wind is the enemy of cyclists and runners; it turns a pleasurable experience into work. But I did my 15 miles. At  least it was sunny and warm.

I’ll spend a quiet night at home while my boyfriend sleeps off his buzz. Maybe I’ll watch a movie on cable. Wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday night.


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