Tent camping with your best friend. Remember?

Hi, friends and readers:

Remember tent camping with your best friend, back in high school? An undercurrent of sexual tension always crackled when the twoo of you crawled inside the tent, took off your clothes, and got into your sleeping bags. When I saw tonight’s photo post, it took me back to those times. Don’t you love the look on the blond boy’s face? He’s clearly lusting for his friend. Can you blame him?

I didn’t post this morning because my boyfriend’s parents are visiting. We got a early start, with breakfast and a walk on the beach with them this morning.  Afterward, we dined at a nice little restaurant, here on the island. Then we drove to Tampa to visit the Florida Aquarium, a beautiful facility featuring all sorts of native Florida fish, birds, and fauna. If you ever visit this area, don’t miss the Aquarium.

We’re home now. My boyfriend’s parents are riding bikes around the island. My boyfriend’s working tonight, so I’m the sole host. I’ll cook pork chops and ribs on the charcoal grille tonight. It’ll be a nice evening.

I hope wherever you are, you’re having a nice Thursday.

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