If you’re gay, should you out yourself? Hell, yeah …

Hi, friends and readers:

Martin’s on his soap box tonight. Readers, can you deal with a diatribe?

Living in the closet sucks. Free yourself. Trust me, life is better when you’re out to friends and family. The ones who care won’t reject you, they won’t. 

I speak from experience, as they say. My best years followed my decision to declare myself a gay man. It’s true.

Are you closeted? Make yourself a promise you’ll tell someone you are gay tomorrow. It doesn’t matter who: your mom, your best friend, or a co-worker you are close to. Just tell someone and savor the feeling of freedom.

Okay, I’m not a Maupin fan, but his heart’s in the right place. He was a pioneer; you have to love him.

Have a good night’s sleep, friends.

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