Retro picture of a hot guy in “cutoffs”; fun golf outing for Martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Depending on how old you are, you may remember the “cutoff jeans used a swimsuits” craze of the early-1970s. I was in college at the time; I had hair past my shoulders and considered myself oh-so-cool.  I always wore cutoffs to the beach or to swimming lakes, so did all my friends. I’ll tell you this: certain guys looked amazing in cutoffs. The garment showed off a guy’s butt and crotch in a way today’s boardshorts don’t.

Tonight’s photo takes me back to those days. I think its actually an old photo from the 70s, based upon the young man’s hair style and, of course, those sexy cutoffs. Check out his towel; it has a Las Vegas theme to it. See the dice? See the Golden Nugget logo?

I had a great day golfing with my boyfriend and his dad. Of course, my boyfriend played the best; he’s such a jock. But I did okay; I didn’t embarrass myself. The weather was great, the course pretty, and we weren’t rushed at all. While we golfed, my boyfriend’s mom shopped at the best mall in Tampa; she had a ball. So, the whole thing worked out beautifully.

Tonight, we’ll take our guests out tot a nice seafood restaurant, here on the island. We’ll have a nice bottle of wine.

Okay, friends: it’s Friday night. Do you have something planned? No? Well, get on the phone and call a friend. Plan something. It’s important to get out of the house and have some fun. Enjoy yourself, whatever you decide to do. It’s the weekend!

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