A sexy guy loses his shirt — cute little video …

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s always fun watching a sexy young man peel his shirt off, especially if you’re in his bedroom. Isn’t he cute? Do you like his smile? Do you like his body? I sure do ….

So, I’m home alone and it’s quiet here tonight. As mentioned earlier, my boyfriend’s working tonight and his parents are attending a Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game. I’m not into hockey; I grew up in Florida and we don’t have much ice here. I stayed home and got things done around the house. I took a 15-mile bike ride, which was super-nice. I watered flowers and neatened our home.

Now, I’m home and dinner’s warming up in the oven. I just opened a bottle of Pinot Noir; it’s so tasty. I may watch a film tonight, or I may read a book. I have the doors and windows open and the temperature outside is pleasant — about 7- degrees F. I love living on this island at this time of year.

Have a nice Saturday night, everyone.

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