Hot boy, naked on a deck; quiet night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you own a deck? Sadly, I don’t anymore. But imagine walking outside to fetch your morning paper. Imagine finding him lying on the boards, sunning himself. Would you invite him inside for coffee? Would you tell him to put some pants on? (Of course, you wouldn’t. You’re not crazy, are you?)

I’m home alone tonight. My boyfriend had a surprise phone call from a boyhood friend who’s visiting Orlando on business. They’re getting together tonight, in Orlando, for dinner and plenty of drinks. My boyfriend will spend the night over there. It’s okay. Things are very quiet on the island tonight. The air is warm and a ice breeze is blowing.

In a few minutes, I’ll pop dinner in the oven. Then I’ll work on Dodging a Pearl for an hour or so, before I dine and watch a little TV. It’s been a nice; or workout at the YMCA went smoothly. I love swimming laps in that pool. I like watching my boyfriend swim his laps, too.

Have a nice Monday evening, friends.

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