Waking up to Zach Efron; Martin’s a bit weary …

Hi, friends and readers:

I tried to rotate the video at left, so Zach Efron was horizontal, as he should be in the video. But my video program wouldn’t let me. So, tonight you’ll have to use a bit of imagination.

I want you to imagine waking up next to Zach, after a night of hot sex and six hours of sleep. If you woke first, you wouldn’t wake Zach up, would you? Instead, you’d let him sleep, while you bent an elbow and propped your head against your hand, so you could watch him breathe in the quiet. When he woke, you’d give him a nice smooch on the cheek, wouldn’t you?

If you were lucky, Zach would stay for breakfast — omelets, juice and coffee. You’d both dine in your boxer shorts. Then he’d get dressed. He’d kiss you and tell you how “special” last night was, but … would he ask for your number before leaving?

Um-m-m, I’m done narrating this fantasy. You take over …

I’m home after a long day. This morning I walked two miles on the beach. After breakfast and a shower, I drove 70 miles each way to visit a loved one and take her for lunch and a supermarket trip. When I got home, I rode 10 miles on my bike. Now, I’m home and feeling kind of weary. My boyfriend’s at work; he won’t be home ’til midnight. So, I’m having dinner alone.

Maybe I’ll work on my writing project d’jour? I don’t know. But it’s quiet on the island, tonight. Have a nice Tuesday evening, friends.

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