Lover boys going at it; New Orleans trip starts tomorrow …

Hi, friends and readers:

I came across this lovely little video this morning, and I knew you’d all enjoy it as much I as did. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Don’t you love the way the guy on top is gripping the bottom guy’s hair? I don’t think the bottom guy minds, do you? He seems to have other things on his mind. Are those beer bottles on the table behind them? Why is that lamp shade askew? Have those boys been drinking? For shame ….

This morning, I thought my boyfriend wasn’t working today, but I was wrong. He’s over in Tampa, while I’m here on the island, all by myself. (Sniffle …) It’s okay, I’m warming up leftovers in the oven. I’ll do a little editing this evening, have a few drinks, and maybe read a story.

Tomorrow, my boyfriend and I depart for New Orleans. We’ll spend four days there. We have a nice hotel in the French Quarter, within walking distance of most everything we want to do. We’ll definitely visit The Corner Pocket bar, where hot boys dance on the bar in next-to-nothing. They accept dollar bills in their briefs, if you wish top contribute to their education fund. (Many are LSU students. They’re just trying to get by, you know.) Check out the bar’s website:

The weather in New Orleans is supposed to be sunny and cool: mid-60s in the day, low 50s at night, so we’ll pack sweaters and jackets. It’ll be a nice change from Florida, where it’s been unseasonably warm since Christmas.

Have a nice Wednesday night, friends.

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