Late night post from Martin, New Orleans style …

Hi, friends and readers:

Um-m-m-m. It’s five A.M. in the French Quarter and I’m a bit trashed, as they say. I napped a few hours. Then I rose at one A.M. and decided to hit the streets, just as my boyfriend decided to snooze. Things work that way in NOLA.

I know you are wondering what this morning’s photo post has to do with all that …. See the barricades in the background? They are everywhere in the city right now, due to parades. Sadly, the barricades don’t come with cute boys on skateboards. How uncivilized!

I spent two hours at the Corner Pocket, feeding the boys dollar bills and conversing with the locals. Everyone is so friendly here. Why is that?

I’m not sure what we’ll do tomorrow, but rising early is not among the choices. Maybe we’ll sleep in late, then find beignets and coffee; I hear they help a hangover.

Have a nice Saturday morning, all.

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