Beautiful boy with blue eyes; fun times in New Orleans

Hi, friends and readers:

When you walk around New Orleans, you’ll see all kinds of beautiful young men, like the boy at right. Aren’t his blue eyes amazing? When it comes to hot young men, New Orleans “has it in spades”, as they say.

I’m posting late today because my boyfriend and I slept in this morning. We ate breakfast at a nice little restaurant serving traditional Southern cuisine. Then we returned to our room and took a nap. We needed to, believe me.

Last night, we walked Bourbon Street, drinks in hand, for about three hours. We collected beads from people on balconies and watched the freak show. Things were pretty wild. We hit a couple of gay bars before dining at a nice little Italian bistro called Mona Lisa. I recommend the place should you ever visit here. After dinner, we napped. Then we went to a gay dance club called Oz. The place was packed with hot men. We danced for hours and checked out all the guys. I don’t think we got home until about four A.M.

I’m not sure what we’ll do with our Sunday. Outside, it’s sunny and cold. At least the wind has died down, which made things last night pretty uncomfortable, if you were outdoors. I’m sure we’ll find something interesting to do in this amazing city.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.


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