Lover boys in black and white …

Hi, friends and readers:

Did you and your boyfriend have a nice Valentine’s Day? I only got to spend half the day with my sweetie; he had to leave for work around 1:30 PM. I took a 15-mile bike ride, did yard work and housework, and visited the supermarket. The fridge was a bit barren after our five-day absence.

While in New Orleans, we bought little gifts for our neighbors; I took them to their homes this evening. I shared a glass of wine with one friend and neighbor (make that two glasses). Then I came home and enjoyed my dinner, some tasty leftovers.

This evening, I’m editing two stories I’ll likely have published in the upcoming months. It’s quiet here, and I like it. After New Orleans and Mardi  Gras, I’m ready for a little peace. Have a nice Tuesday, evening, friends.

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