Sexy guy at the sea; beautiful night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s always nice to see a young man enjoying himself at the sea, especially a guy as beautiful as the one in tonight’s photo post. What a great smile. Would you like to join him for a swim? I know I would …

I’m home from the YMCA. I hit the booze market and the bank on the way home. Traffic on the island was terrible. The winter tourists are here in full force, and things on our main road were crawling. It’s okay, they’ll be gone in another 6-8 weeks. Then we’ll complain about the heat instead ….

It’s beautiful here tonight, about 70 degrees F, sunny and still. My friend is coming for sunset watching and dinner out, in just a little bit. The other two guys cancelled. I just cracked open a beer and I’m feeling great.

Have a nice Wednesday night, everyone.

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