Sexy guy, buttering up; quiet night on the island for Martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Does everyone like this evening’s photo post? I’m guessing it was taken on a balcony in Berlin, during summer. Berliners love to sun themselves on their balconies, and in their public parks. And yes: they do it naked; they aren’t shy at all. It’s one reason I love my visits there.

Despite this morning’s hangover, I’ve had a nice day. My boyfriend and I shared a nice morning and a pleasant lunch before he had to leave for work. I rode 15 miles on my bike after he left; the day was perfect for cycling: sunny and still. I cranked out the mileage in record time. Afterward, I worked in the yard for a while. I fertilized our houseplants and the plants on our porch and patios. I tidied up, and the place looks great.

Thanks to people who wrote me about the film, Stand By Me. I guess I’m not the only fan of the film. Even though it’s 25 years old, people still remember how wonderful it was. Poor River Phoenix … it’s sad he died young, isn’t it?

I’ll spend a quiet evening at home, working on a writing project and listening to music. I hope you’re having a nice night, as well.


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