Sexy boy in a white ball cap; Martin’s weary, but feeling well …

Hi, friends and readers:

Did everyone have a nice Tuesday? Did work go okay? Was traffic bad?

My day was okay. After spending three hours on the Interstate Highway, I spent an hour with my beautiful boyfriend before he left for work. Then I took an hour-long walk on the beach; the weather was perfect and the shore was mobbed with tourists. The sun felt nice on my shoulders.

When I returned home, I took care of household chores. There weren’t many because my boyfriend’s so considerate; he did most them while I was on the road.

I’m tired, but feeling okay. It’s been a hectic three days, but now things will settle down. I’m spending the evening alone, dining on leftovers and watching a film from Netflix.

Oh, I almost forgot: do you like this evening’s photo post. I sure do. The young man reminds me of a guy I spent much time with, a few years ago, before meeting my present boyfriend. The guy’s name was Danny; he was a skimboarder and a very sweet guy. He looked amazing with his shirt off, like the guy in the photo post. Danny doesn’t live in this area any longer, but I hear from him, time to time. ¬†Friends come and go, don’t they?

Have a nice Tuesday night, everyone.

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