Sexy guy getting blown by a friend; site visits soaring …

Hi, friends and readers:

As any gay man alive knows, there’s nothing quite like a blow job from a guy who’s an expert. A good blow job requires just the right amount of pressure with the tongue and lips. Proper rhythm’s equally important. The result can be … explosive.

The young man in tonight’s photo post is clearly enjoying himself. I’m presuming that’s his boyfriend, down below. But maybe the photo was taken at a sex party. Who knows? But I think it’s pretty sexy. How about you?

It’s been a pretty good day for my boyfriend and me. We had a good workout at swim at the YMCA. Then we visited a golf course, to hit baskets of balls on the driving range. I did pretty well. My swing is definitely improving with my irons, but my driver’s still giving me problems. Oh, well: that’s golf.

Tonight, we’re barbequeing pork chops and preparing a pot of “dirty rice” to go with it. We’ll make a tossed salad and it should be a tasty meal.

I just checked my site stats and my number of daily visits has soared in the past week. This is partly due to the fact I’m the first “result” you’ll get when you Google “Martin Delacroix.” This makes it a lot easier to find my site, now that my old blog no longer exists. Thanks to everyone for stopping by in recent days. It’s nice to have you back.

Have a nice Wednesday night, all.


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