A curious forum thread and a magazine piece, both about gay skateboarders …

Hi, friends and readers:

If you follow this site, then you know a lot of gay skateboarders visit here, to post comments or read the comments posted by other gay grinders.

I’m always glad to hear from skaters, both gay and straight, as long as they have something constructive to say. I mean, if you send me a comment saying, “There are NO gay skaters.” or something like, “I HATE faggots.”, I’m not going to post your comment. But, if you put some thought into your comment, I will. Even if I disagree with what you say. Understand?

I came across an interesting Slap Magazine forum thread I thought you guys would find interesting. The thread’s all about a gay skateboarder who posted a skating video of himself on You Tube. The comments are all over the place — everything from homophobic rants to gay-friendly remarks. Here’s the link:


Also, there’s an interesting article in Huck Magazine, discussing why more pro skaters who are gay will not declare their sexual orientation publicly.


Here’s a quote from the article:

“The typical street skater kid is between ten and twenty years old, with a big bulk being fourteen to sixteen. It’s kids who drive the business in terms of buying the stuff and swamping the pros for autographs, and I think at that age, it’s a very sensitive age in terms of your masculinity. I get the feeling that they aren’t close-minded people; they’re just people that are very scared that they’re dealing with such a dynamite issue.”

Tell me what you think, guys.

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