The Boy in Black Gym Shorts returns; pretty evening on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

I work so hard for you guys, I really do. Before my blog was murdered in December 2011, the photo at left was immensely popular with followers of the blog. Of course, I lost the photo when WordPress “deactivated” the blog. All I could salvage was text from nearly three years of posts.

Today, I came across the photo of “Black Gym Shorts Boy”, and I knew I had to put it up, right away. Is everyone happy? It’s a special photo — his pose and the curious expression on his face. I wonder who is he and what his name is? Why did he choose to be photographed in front of a red wall? I guess we’ll never know.

I’ve had a great day. I wrote all morning, then shared a nice lunch with my boyfriend. We spent a little quiet time together. Then he went to work, while I rode 15 miles on my bike. The day was nice: sunny, with a high temperature of close to 85. By the time I finished my ride, I was sweating. I thought I might go fishing in the Intracoastal Waterway tonight, so I took my bait net and bucket to the beach and a nearby pier, in search of bait fish. Sadly, I didn’t catch any, but I had fun anyway, soaking up sunshine and enjoying the breeze.

It’s almost six PM now. I’ve cracked open a beer, and soon I’ll head for the shore to watch sunset. It’s pretty here tonight: warm, still and dry. Sunset should be nice.

Have a nice Tuesday evening, all.

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