Hot guy with amazing abs; nice Wednesday ahead for Martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

If you follow this site, you know my taste runs to “willowy” young men; I’m not into beefcake for the most part. But, occasionally I’ll see a guy packing muscle and I’ll think, “H-m-m-m, I could go for a taste of that. The guy in today’s photo post is one of those. Check out his abs, and those lips. Do you suppose he unzipped his pants himself? Or did someone do that for him? I’ll bet he’d have plenty of takers if he asked for a volunteer.

Fog hung over the Gulf this morning, when I took my usual two-mile walk. But the air temperature’s in the mid-70s and the wind’s not blowing, so I’m fine with today’s conditions. I’ll spend my morning writing. Then it’s off to the YMCA with my boyfriend for our usual exercise routine. I’m having a friend over for drinks and sunset. Afterward, we’ll dine at a restaurant, here on the island. It’ll be an all-around nice day for Martin.

I received a royalty report for January 2012, which included sales stats from All Romance e-Books, probably the nation’s largest online retailer of romance genre books. My latest book, Convict Ass, is selling well.

Now, I know the title might seem a little weird; it’s intended to make readers uneasy. The story has a lot of “uneasy” parts to it. But it’s still a love story, and I’m proud of the way it turned out. Here’s the blurb:

Kurt Delay has just served thirty months in prison, on an arson conviction. He’s on parole and crazy about his new lover, Eli, who’s also an ex-con. Passion between Kurt and Eli burns hotter than Kurt’s conflagrations; love between Eli and Kurt seems full of promise. But when Kurt’s former cellmate, Harold Grimm, comes between Kurt and Eli, the two are forced into desperate actions. Can they save the life they’ve built together? Set in 1965 Florida, Convict Ass offers a glimpse of a peculiar brand of love shared only by men who’ve done time behind bars.

The book contains a lot of historical material from 1965: clothing styles, hair styles, popular music and dances, and social outlooks from that period. I worked hard to make Convict Ass historically accurate in every way. And my editor, Mary Harris, did a great job helping me polish the manuscript. If you want to read an excerpt, just click on the cover in the sidebar at right.

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.


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