Lover boys going at it; party time on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

What do you think of the little video I’ve posted here this evening. They look like they’re having fun, don’t they? Huh? The video’s too small? Listen: right click on the video here. It’ll display on a blank page. Hit your “plus” button a few times; it’ll grow. Happy now?

It’s been a nice day. I took a two-mile walk on the beach, after lunch, while my boyfriend went shopping. Then we visited a driving range/golf course, to hit a bucket of balls and play nine holes. The day was beautiful: warm and sunny, with a light breeze. I didn’t play my best, but I still had fun.

Tonight, three good friends will join us for our cookout. It’s a nice evening here. We’ll take drinks to the beach to watch sunset. Then Martin will fire up the charcoal grille and we’ll have the best cheeseburgers on the island. What better way to spend a winter evening?

Have a nice Thursday night, everyone.

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