Another sexy, shirtless boy with a backpack; quiet Saturday night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

I love seeing cute, shirtless guys wearing backpacks; it’s a sexy look on the right young man. Like the guy in tonight’s photo post. What a great picture: nice lighting, perfect focus, and the subject probably doesn’t know he’s being photographed. (I’m not sure about those “Stars Wars” undies, though ….)

It’s been a good day for me. I spent all morning doing edits on a novel. The wind blew about 20 MPH out of the south, all day, so I couldn’t ride my bike. I took a second walk, instead — this one four miles. It wasn’t bad. Afterward, I watered plants and cleaned up our patio with the leaf-blower. Then I headed for the supermarket, three miles down the road.

Okay, it’s the middle of tourist season, plus the day was sunny and it’s a Saturday. A trip that normally takes 20 minutes took almost forty, because the traffic was so slow and so thick. Tourists don’t know where they’re going. They’re looking at everything but the road ahead of them. So, driving becomes a life-threatening experience at this time of year.

I made it home alive, despite the insanity on the road. I’ve cracked open a beer and I’m ready for a quiet evening. Maybe I’ll share a glass of wine with my neighbor before dinner. My boyfriend won’t get home until around ten tonight, so I’ll dine alone. It’s okay. I’ll listen to music and cook myself a nice, vegetarian meal.

Have a nice Saturday night, all.


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