Cute guy with a puka shell necklace; windy day on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Sometimes you can look at the expression on a young man’s face, and right away you can see he’s happy. Like the guy in tonight’s photo post. He looks like he’s  just experienced something special. Did he make love with his boyfriend? Or did a cute guy invite him out on a date? Who knows, but I sure like the photo. It lifts my spirits when I look at it. How about you?

The weather’s been nasty today. The sun shone, but the wind blew about 20-25 MPH all day, making it rather unpleasant to go outside. My boyfriend and I did “inside” activities. We watched a college basketball game, read the paper, and did a crossword puzzle. Nothing exciting, but we enjoyed ourselves. He’s out at a meet-and-greet affair tonight, and I’m spending a quiet night at home.

I finished edits on my novella, Capable of Evil. I submitted the story to Bold Strokes Books for possible publication. I have never worked with them before. They are not a “romance” house; they handle edgier stuff and Capable of Evil definitely “edgy.” We’ll see what Bold Strokes thinks of it.

Have a nice Sunday night, friends. Keep smiling, like the boy in the photo. It’s good to be happy.

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