The “Mystery Boy”, where’s he from? Martin’s golfing today …

Hi, friends and readers:

Have a look at the young man in this morning’s photo post. He’s handsome, isn’t he? I posted another photo of him before; he looks better when he’s not wearing that head scarf. And there are a few photos of him, floating around the Internet, where he’s not wearing a stitch and his … equipment is on display. All the photos are amateur shots, this guy is not a model.

My question is this: Where is he from?

In the first photo I posted, I thought he was from Hawaii. He stood shirtless, on a beach, with mountains behind him. But in other photos, it looks like he may be from Russia or the Ukraine. See the lettering on this head scarf. Aren’t those letters from the Russian alphabet? Does anyone know? I’m curious and mystified.

*Update 3.4.2012: My friend Oleg informs me this young man’s photos were taken on the Crimean peninsula. Oleg thinks the young man is Russian, on holiday. You can read his comment by clicking on “Comments” below. Thanks, Oleg!

It’s a beautiful day here in central Florida: sunny and cool, with only a light breeze. That’s good because my boyfriend and I are playing in a golf tournament today. Don’t be misled; I’m a terrible golfer. But the tournament is benefiting a good cause and the course will play at is a beauty. It should be a fun afternoon, and there’s a dinner buffet afterward. Wish me luck!

Have a nice Monday, everyone.

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