Another video: this one more “suitable” for Martin’s site; windy night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Are you done looking at the Share Your Dude video I linked you with, in my previous post? Did you enjoy the video? Good. Tonight, I’m posting another video, this one more suitable for a tame website like mine. We’ve all chewed the sheet a few times during sex, now haven’t we? I know, it’s hard on the linens, but often necessary.

Wait a minute: is that sheet a 300-thread count? If so, it’ll cost thirty bucks to replace. How tragic: now they’ll have to spend that Bed, Bath & Beyond, 20%-off coupon for a new sheet. But love’s worth it, right?

Here on the island, the wind’s blown 20 MPH all day today, making it impossible to ride a bike with any degree of comfort. This afternoon, I opted for a three-mile speed walk on the island. As long as I stuck to protected areas, it was fine. At least the sun shone and the temperature was warm, about 75 degrees. I’m home now, quaffing a cold beer and preparing for a quiet evening alone. My lovely boyfriend’s toiling at his job. Poor lad ….

Actually, I’m not sure what I’ll do with my evening. I have plenty of writing work to do. I’m wrapping up edits on a full-length novel. Then I have another “young adult” novel (50,000 words) requiring a complete re-write. And you thought the life of a fiction writer was easy. Pshaw! I work my fingers to the bone for my readers. How Martin suffers for his art ….

Have a nice Tuesday evening, everyone.

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