Is Justin Bieber hot? You be the judge …

Hi, friends and readers:

I don’t know much about Justin Bieber. I’ve never heard his music or watched his videos. I know he’s Canadian. And he’s always on the cover of those teen-zines at the supermarket. He looks pretty hot to me. What do you think?

People on my island are a bit excited because Justin’s purported girlfriend is staying here right now, making a film. Will Justin visit here, during her stay on the island? Aye-yi-yi. Don’t people have more important things to focus on? Like reading Delacroix fiction, perhaps?

An hour from now, I’ll jump in my car and drive 70 miles to visit a loved one who’s now residing in an ALF. Hopefully, the traffic on I-4 won’t be too bad, since today’s Saturday and most people are not working. Wish me luck on the road.

And have a nice Saturday, everyone.

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