Cute guy with a lot on his mind; nice Sunday on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Sometimes a young man needs to spend time by himself, thinking about his life and where it’s headed. Like the guy in this morning’s photo post. You can tell he’s deep in thought, can’t you?

When I was his age, I had my own spots to visit when I wanted to think: a lake near my fraternity house, where I could spend time alone, undisturbed. Last fall, I attended a football game with my boyfriend, at the University of Florida. We walked around that very lake, and I was reminded of the hours I’d spent there, when I was nineteen and twenty years old. I had lots of issues to work through, and I wasn’t the happiest person at the time. But I survived, in part due to that lake and the peace it brought me.

I slept in late this morning. Then I realized the time changed to EDST at midnight, s I was already an hour behind. (G-r-r-r-r.) I still took my two-mile walk on the beach, though. It’s beautiful down there today. All kinds of tourists, Spring Breakers, and locals were lying on the sand, soaking up sunshine.

My boyfriend has the day off, and today’s our monthly “clean the house” day. It’ll take us about three hours of joint effort to get the job done. Cleaning’s never fun, but it’s necessary. When we’re finished, the place will look and smell great.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

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