Two beautiful guys. Are they the same person?

Hi, friends and readers:

In my search for male beauty, I find amazing guys at times. One is the young man at left. Would you quarrel with me? No, I didn’t think so … He’s the sort of guy you’d never pass up, given the opportunity. Am I right? Where does he live? (That looks like Cali, to me.) What’s his name?

It’s been a beautiful day, my 15-mile bike ride this afternoon was exquisite. The weather was just right for cycling — not too warm, not windy. Tonight, I ate leftover chicken piccata from last night’s outing. It was totally tasty, couldn’t have been better.

Now, on to more important things ….

I’m perplexed. Will you help me, friends? You know I’m always searching for photos of beautiful young men; I share them with my readers, on this site. I think my taste is fairly cultivated. Don’t you? Most times, I can tell one guy from another, but not always.

Okay, have a look at the young man, left of here. Is he the same guy as the one in the previous photo? They’re both beautiful, aren’t they? Maybe they’re brothers. Or maybe they just look alike. Who knows. Tell me what you think. .

It’s late, and I’ve had a long day. My legs ache, from a long bike ride this afternoon. I think I’l spend a bit of time on the back porch, playing my guitar, before retiring. It’s a nice night, here on the island, too nice for staying indoors.

Have a nice Thursday evening, all.


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