The Cutie from “Weeds”, what’s his name? Dinner party tonight …

Hi, friends and readers:

I don’t watch TV — ever. Except for certain sporting contests or films on cable. But I understand the cable series, Weeds, is pretty good. And one thing’s for certain, the young man in tonight’s video post is a reason to watch the show. What a cutie. What’s his name? I’d wear a condom, if he asked me too. Wouldn’t you?

It’s been a nice day. After lunch, I took another 15-mile bike ride on the island, while my boyfriend watched NCAA basketball. “March Madness” is going on; it’s a passion for him. Me? I’ll watch a few games, but I’m not addicted. Anyway, my ride was wonderful; the weather’s perfect for cycling right now.

In a few minutes, we’ll drive into the city for a dinner party with old friends from Philadelphia. Our gatherings are always fun: lots of laughs and great food. They always invite interesting gay men to their dinners.

Have a nice Sunday night, friends.

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