Return of “Blue Speedo Guy”; Martin’s kinda tired …

Hi, friends and readers:

You all know the story: my three-year old blog was unceremoniously murdered by WordPress in early December 2011. WordPress was kind enough to save the texts of my posts from 2008-2011, but not the photo’s I’d posted. We all know the photos are the real reason people stop by here, now don’t we?

One of my most popular photo posts ever was “Blue Speedo Guy.” I thought he was lost forever, but I came across him this evening, and I thought I’d reunite my readers with him. Isn’t he handsome? He fills that Speedo out nicely, doesn’t he?

I worked five hours in the yard today. The temperature rose to about 84 degrees F, so things were plenty warm. I trimmed bushes, weeded, raked and swept up. Right now, my back and feet are tired and I’m ready to relax. My vodka and tonic tastes pretty good, as I sit here and type.

Now that the sun’s setting, it’s comfortable outside. Maybe I’ll sit on my back porch and listen to my guitar, while our new fountain gurgles away. Have a nice Thursday night, everyone.

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