Spring Breaker with a great smile; Martin’s going surfing …

Hi, friends and readers:

Who can resist a guy with a beautiful smile? Not me. This morning’s photo post was not taken in Florida. See those mountains in the background? I’m guessing Cali or Hawaii. In any case, I wish he were lying on my beach this morning.

It will be a busy day for me. After lunch, my boyfriend and I will pack for a trip to Florida’s East Coast. We’ll take our bikes, surfboards, and golf clubs, and we’ll spend a couple of days over there, enjoying a change of atmosphere. The big question is, will we have decent waves. One never knows, even after consulting the surf reports. In any case, the weather will be decent and we’ll have fun.

The only thing I’m dreading is the traffic; it’s going to be crazy driving on I-4 today. My boyfriend’s a road warrior, so maybe I can convince him to drive instead of me. (He-he ….)

Have a nice Monday, everyone.

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