Cute little video: a creative young man takes matters into his own hands …

Hi, friends and readers:

You know how it is when you’re a teenager. You’re not getting laid, so you have to be creative. You get online, find something stimulating, and wank away. Now, I’ve never tried doing it with a snorkel and mask on, but I do own a set. Maybe I should give it a try? What do you think? It looks like he’s shaking up his monitor and webcam. Do you think someone in a chat room is watching him? How . . . kinky.

I home alone tonight, as my boyfriend’s working. Poor lad. I do wish he were here, but work comes first, as they say. He’s putting in a long day, and I’m sure he’ll be tired when he comes home.

My doctor diagnosed me with a sinus infection. Goody. Now, I’m taking antibiotic pills the size of torpedoes, and I’m inhaling something called Nasonex. Sadly, the inhalant doesn’t give me a buzz. But I feel better already, and soon the situation should clear up.

I’ll do a bit of writing this evening. And maybe I’ll watch a film on cable, if anything decent is on. As for yourself, I hope you’re having a pleasant Friday  night.

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