Hot guy losing his shirt; productive day for Martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

You guys know me; I’m not really into beefcake, or tattoos. But I must say, tonight’s video post certainly is … provocative. Whose yard is he mowing, anyway? I don’t have any grass on my property, but he could trim the bushes, at least, as long as he didn’t wear a shirt. I wonder what his tattoo says? Anyone know who he is?

He reminds me of a character named Josh in my story, Dream Boy. The story appears in my anthology, Flawed Boys. In the story, Josh takes care of the lawn at my main character’s neighbor’s home. My main character, Keith, lusts after Josh. Who wouldn’t?

It’s been a productive day for me: writing this morning, taking a 10-mile bike ride on the island, and doing two hours of yard work: weeding, raking, spreading fertilizer, and trimming shrubs. It’s so beautiful outside today, I didn’t want to spend much time indoors. The temperature’s a bit lower today, and so is the humidity. A perfect Spring day in central Florida.

I’ll stay in the island tonight; I’ll be a good boy for a change. As for you: have a great Saturday night.


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