Hot guy asleep on the sofa; Martin’s home from camping …

Hi, friends and readers:

You know how it was when you were in college. You and your roomie would stay up late, maybe drinking (or smoking) and watching a movie. You’d go in the kitchen for another beer, and when you returned, your roomie would be fast asleep on the sofa, wearing only his boxers. When this happened, were you ever tempted to cop a feel or steal a kiss? Of course you were, and I hope you did.

I think it was Oscar Wilde who said, “The things we regret the least are our biggest mistakes.” And I think Oscar was right. You have to take chances in life, and sometimes you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the outcome, when you do.

We’re home from a wonderful night of camping on an uninhabited island, right on the Gulf. It was beautiful. We pitched our tent right on the beach, so we could listen to the waves strike the shore all night. A lantern provided us with necessary light, and the beer in the cooler was ice cold. We watched a beautiful sunset, saw many varieties of seabirds. This morning, I took a long walk on the shore. What a great place to collect sea shells.

We returned home around 10:30 this morning. Now, everything is put away and we’re about to have lunch. Since it’s Wednesday, we’ll visit the YMCA this afternoon, for a workout and lap-swimming. Tonight, we’ll barbeque, and maybe share a bottle of wine with our neighbor. Not a bad plan, eh?

Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.

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