Hunk on a sidewalk; where do these guys come from?

Hi, friends and readers:

Okay, this is “a-shirt” week. And I promise, I’ll post plenty of cute guys in wife beaters. But someone sent me the photo at left and, frankly, it took my breath away. Where do such young men come from? Check out his chest and abs, his slim waist.

Was it taken in Los Angeles? Do you have his phone number? What’s his name?

Well, I guess I’ll never know the answers to these questions. But I’m grateful to the photographer who recognized the need to seize the moment. Aye-yi-yi ….

I’m home from the neighborhood party, and feelin’ kind of tired. I think I’ll crawl into bed with a book. What about you? What will you do with your Friday night? Maybe the guy in tonight’s photo is wandering your neighborhood. You never know ….

Have a great evening, friends.

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