More hotties in a-shirts; beach party time on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

There seems to be no agreement among my readers, when it comes to  black or white a-shirts. Half the guys say white is better, half say black, so I’m giving you two photos this morning, one of each. Aren’t I a generous guy? Which young man do you find more attractive? The guy in the white shirt certainly has more of a college boy look to him, while the guy in black certainly looks like more a risk-taker. But appearances are often deceiving,  aren’t they?

Last night, after we cleaned the kitchen, we took a moonlight walk on the beach. The conditions were perfect. The moon was up, the breeze was minimal, and the temperature was around 76 degrees F. We sat for a long while on a bench, just listening to waves hit the beach. This island is so lovely at this time of year.

Speaking of the beach … things are going to be very busy around our home today. My boyfriend has the day off, so do his co-workers. So, my boyfriend’s throwing a beach party for everyone. Our house is only about 100 yards from the Gulf, so  it makes things easy. People can change clothes, fetch drinks and food, and shower when they’re done swimming and sunning. I always enjoy sharing the beauty of our island with people, so it should be fun.

I’ll do a littler writing this morning. I’ve about finished a major project I’m working on, and soon I’ll send it off to my editor. Then I have another, a Young Adult novel, I’ll get started on. It’s good to stay busy, right? And in Florida, summer’s a good time to work on projects. It’s too darn hot to go outside, anyway.

Okay, everyone, have a nice Tuesday.


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