Best friends and a river. Where did the weekend go?

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you like this morning’s photo post as much as I do? The two young men are either very close friends, or they are lovers. It’s hard to tell. The photographer leaves it to our imaginations. Likewise, we can’t tell whether or not the two young men are naked or just shirtless.

My guess? They’re naked and they’re boyfriends. Oh, and the guy on the right is the “top” in bed. (I’m so perceptive.) I’ll bet they just crawled out of their tent, after a satisfying sex session. The guy on the left definitely has that post-sex, at-peace-with-the-world look to him.

Well, it’s Monday morning, and I find myself asking, “Where did my weekend go?” It seems like Friday evening was just a few hours ago, but clearly it’s been more than two days ago. Hmm, what happened? I guess I enjoyed myself far too much, hanging with my boyfriend, my neighbors and friends.

I’ll write this morning. I can’t go to the YMCA yet, due to the knee surgery I had. But we may visit a driving range to hit golf balls this afternoon. Outside, it’s sunny, but quite windy. The weather pattern hovering in the Gulf continues to throw stuff at us. Oh, boy.

Have a nice Monday, friends.

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