Putting the moves on your friend in bed …

Hi, friends and readers:

You know how it is. You’re at a friend’s house, partying, and the hour gets late. You’re in no condition to drive home. You ask your bud, “Mind if I crash here tonight?”

He says, “I guess not, but we’ll have to share my bed, it’s a double.”

You say, “Fine with me.”

A couple of hours later, you kind of swing your leg across his and wrap your arm around him. Mmmm, he smells sexy. Maybe you should go a little farther, perhaps reach under the sheets and give him a squeeze in a sensitive spot? You never know how a guy who’s ostensibly straight will react to your advances. But you’ll never find out if you don’t try, now will you?

It’s been a fine day. After lunch, I visited the physical therapist, for analysis of my knee. She assigned exercises to strengthen the knee, ones I can do at home. Afterward, I visited my CPA to sign my tax return. From there, we hit the gold course for an hour-long lesson, and hitting balls on the driving range. The weather was perfect — about 74 degrees and sunny. n the way home, we bought silver buttonwood shrubs to plant along the fence on our patio. The old plants out there were looking pretty scraggly.

Now, we’re showered and ready for our evening. I’m grilling steak on the charcoal grille. We have a good bottle of red wine to go with it. Tonight, we’ll watch a Netflix rental, J. Edgar, with Leo DiCaprio. I always like Leo’s movies. He’s a great actor and a decent person, too.

Enjoy your Tuesday night, all.

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