Lover boys in bed: a nice little video. Pretty night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

I once registered at an Internet dating site for gay men. I met a few nice guys through it. Hey, it beat going out to bars at midnight, and later coming home alone.

I’ll never forget some guy’s profile on the website. It said something like, “I’m only looking for sex. Absolutely no cuddling or snuggling. Once the sex is over, I’m gone. Deal with it.”

Hmmm. What kind of a person would be adverse to snuggling in bed? It’s one of the best parts of a sexual experience, in my opinion. The afterglow from orgasm makes conversation flow more freely, and the skin more tactile. Things are relaxed and kind of … sweet. Who would pass that up? Okay, call me a romantic, but I like snuggling with my boyfriend. It’s a time to bond and maybe share a few thoughts that have been on our minds. I’m definitely pro-snuggle.

My boyfriend and I played “shuffle beer” this evening. On our little island, we have shuffleboard courts, beautiful ones maintained by the club in our community. Non-members are welcome to play there. Shuffle-beer involves playing a a round of shuffleboard while consuming a six-pack of beer. It’s fun, and the weather was perfect –sunny and dry, about 75 degrees. I lost by only two points, but I don’t care. We had so much fun. Now, dinner’s in the oven and we’ll spend the night home, maybe watching a bit of NHL hockey.

Have a great Wednesday night, friends.

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