Hot boy in a blue plaid shirt; Martin goes back to the gym today …

Hi, friends and readers:

Some guys look great in a blue plaid shirt, like the young man in this morning’s photo post. But I must say, I prefer him wearing his shirt unbuttoned. Look at his chest and abs, and his smooth skin. Aye-yi-yi. On second thought, if the choice were mine, he’d lose the shirt altogether. What do you think?

I’m up a little late this morning, after yesterday’s busy day. The ball game sure was fun, and our barbeque takeout we ate last night was superb. We’ll definitely patronize that place again.

Yesterday, my doctor cleared my knee, so I can visit the YMCA today, with my boyfriend. I can’t swim until Monday, but I can lift weights and walk on the treadmill. I can shoot baskets, too. It’s like getting released from jail. I’m so tired of being sedentary. Sitting around is not my style.

I’ll do a bit of editing this morning, before we hit the gym. Maybe we’ll visit the driving range after the YMCA, to hit a bucket of balls. We have no plans for this evening, but maybe we’ll hit our local movie theater, if something good is playing.

Have a nice Friday, friends.

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