Sexy little video: a cute guy wants your phone number …

Hi, friends and readers:

When I came across tonight’s video post, I knew I had to put it up. The guy’s so cute, and I love the expression on his face when he winks at the camera. Would you give him your phone number? I know I would. Aye-yi-yi …. Who could resist an invitation like his? I wonder what his name is, anyway?

It’s been a long day. My trip to visit the ALF was pretty crazy. The traffic on I-4, and in Tampa, was insane. I thought all the winter tourists went home? The roads were packed, and people drove like maniacs, speeding and swerving between lanes. By the time I got home, my nerves felt jangled. I spent two hours working on a painting project, just to calm down and get my head in order. I don’t mind painting; it gives me time to think.

I’ll spend my evening alone. My boyfriend’s at work, so I’m on my own. I’m not sure what I’ll do. Just before midnight, we’ll have a SUPER full moon. It’s the closest a full moon has been to Earth in twenty years. Sadly, I’ll probably miss it because I rose so early this morning. I’ll likely be snoozing by eleven PM, but we’ll see.

Have a great Saturday night, friends. And don’t forget to give cutie up there your phone number.

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