Sexy guy, touching himself; site traffic exploding …

Hi, friends and readers:

You guys know how it is. You’re sitting at home, all alone, and you’re feeling kind of … horny. You’re surfing the Internet, looking at sexy guys. The next thing you know, your pants are lowered and your hand is creeping inside your briefs.

It’s stroke time.

Well, it’s nothing to feel guilty about. Some people claim sex with yourself is more gratifying than sex with another person. I don’t know about that but I’ve certainly had many satisfying sessions, flying solo. How about you?

I’m up early again, now that I’m on my summer schedule. I hit the beach about eight AM for my walk and swim. Now I’m home, having a little breakfast and getting ready to work on edits. I’ll visit the YMCA this afternoon for a workout, a little basketball, and lap-swimming. I really don’t have any plans for this evening, and that’s okay.

In other news, yesterday I had nearly one thousand visitors to this site — one of the busiest days since my old blog was murdered and I started this new site.

When my blog was still active, I averaged 1,500-2,000 visits per day. But when WordPress “deactivated” the blog, I was forced to start all over. In the beginning, I only had 100-200 visitors per day. That number has steadily risen since January of this year, and now I’m averaging about 750 visitors per day. Not bad, I’d say.

I want to thank everyone who has stopped by of late. I’ll keep posting, if you’ll keep visiting. In the meantime, have a nice Monday.

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