Martin’s in Cocoa Beach — Florida’s surfing capital …

Hi, friends and readers:

My boyfriend and I are in Cocoa Beach tonight. It’s a nice place on Florida’s East Coast; the best place for waves in Florida, most days. Tomorrow morning, we’ll rise with the sun. Hopefully, there will be rideable waves, and we’ll enjoy a fine session, and maybe some hot surfers will join us on the lineup.

Tomorrow afternoon, we’ll play a round of golf. I’m a lousy golfer, but I enjoy it just the same. Hopefully, it won’t be too warm on the golf course.

It’s nice over here, a big difference from the Gulf Coast, where we live. Our hotel room is crammed with our stuff: surfboards, bicycles, and the rest of our gear. It’s a nice place, and we can walk out the door with our surfboards to surf in the morning.

Tonight, we’ll dine at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Brevard County. It’s an informal place, with great food, cold beer, and reasonable prices. What could be better?

Have a nice Tuesday night, everyone.

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