More guys with rippling abs; Rocky Horror a delight …

Hi, friends and readers:

Boys these days are so vain about their flat bellies. Hey, why not? You’d best show your abs off while you have them. Before you know it, they’ll disappear on you, quicker than a rainbow.

How is everyone this morning? Did you have a fun Friday night? Did you find a young man who let you caress his abdominals? Is he still at your place this morning? If so, fix him breakfast. He may keep stopping by, if you do.

I slept in this morning — no walk on the beach. I needed the rest, as we had a rather long evening last night. It started with our neighborhood party. We only stayed for about thirty minutes, as we were attending a live performance of The Rocky Horror Show, put on by our local theater company. Honestly, I hated to leave the party. Our neighbors are so nice and the food’s always good at our monthly gathering. But we had “places to be”, as they say.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Rocky Horror — either the film version or a live production — but it’s funny and campy, and the music’s pretty good. You can learn how to dance  the “Time Warp”, too.

Last night’s performance was excellent. This was an outdoor show, in a city park fronting Tampa Bay. The weather cooperated; the night was warm and breezy. It’s nice watching a show with a backdrop of palm trees, sailboats, and shimmering water.

My favorite part of the performance was the music. The actors had great voices and the four piece rock band really kicked butt. The choreography and costumes were good, too. About 1500 people attended. We took a cooler with beer, wine, and Cuban sandwiches. We sat on a blanket, underneath the stars, and the whole affair was a great way to spend a Spring evening. Thanks to American Stage Company for putting on a professional performance.

After the show ended, we visited our local gay club, planning to dance. But a drag show was taking place when we arrived. I’m not a drag aficionado; it’s not my thing. So, we drank one beer, and then left.

I’m moving a bit slow this morning, due to last night’s festivities. After a cup of coffee or two, I’m sure I’ll be fine.

I’d better get my butt in gear, as today is our monthly house cleaning day. Oh, boy: I can already smell the Pine Sol and Murphy’s Soap. We’ll clean everything: bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, office, and living room Nothing is left untouched.

Okay, cleaning’s never fun, but it’s nice to live in a clean place, and right now our’s isn’t. We’ve been so busy lately, we haven’t had time to keep the place tidy. There’s dust and detritus everywhere, and the bathrooms are grungy. Time to get busy ….

It’s been a good week on this site, the busiest since I created the site in December 2011.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by. I’m glad you’re all enjoying the photos of young men with rippling abs. I’ll keep them coming for the next few days. Have a great Saturday, friends.

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