A pair of cute guys with washboard abs; quiet night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Ah-ha. You thought I’d run out of photos of guys with sexy abdominals, but you were wrong. I have an entire trove of pictures to share with you.

Tonight’s photos are among my favorites, when it comes to abdominal beauty. Each is unique, in its own way.

The guy at left has a curious expression on his face. It’s hard to tell whether he’s angry, or trying to look sexy. I’d guess the latter, ’cause he certainly looks seductive to me. What do you think?

It’s been a productive day. After our appliance moving session this morning, I spent the afternoon painting the apartment’s I’ll rent when tourist season rolls around next fall. It wasn’t bad. I got a lot done and the place is starting to look very nice. I’m sure it will rent quickly when I put it on the market. Our little island is a popular destination for snowbirds. I’ll put the place on the VRBO website, maybe in October. Then we’ll see what happens.

Okay, here’s another abs photo. I know, he’s young and skinny. I think it’s kind of funny when guys his age show themselves of on Facebook or wherever. But he does have a nice set of abs, and he’ll look plenty sexy in a few years, when he’s gained about 35 pounds. Why do so many guys photograph themselves in the laundry room? It’s an odd choice, don’t you think?

It’ll be a quiet night on the island for me and my boyfriend. I’m preparing a baked ziti recipe — one of my Italian dishes. It’s tasty, and it makes great leftovers, too. I found the recipe in Southern Living years ago, and I’ve modified it many times, to suit my own taste. I’ll toss it in the oven, and then we’ll visit the shore to watch sunset with our neighbors.

What about you? What are you up to tonight? Recovering form the weekend, maybe. It doesn’t matter. Wherever you are, have a nice Sunday evening. And thanks for stopping by this site. I enjoy the company of strangers.

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